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Due February 2023

Our goal is to produce a loving, healthy companion dog that can be either a family pet or a top winning show dog.

Our breeding decisions are focused on improving the breed. To us, this means producing sound, healthy dogs with great temperaments that conform to the breed standard as closely as possible. We insist on health testing before breeding, including OFA Hips, OFA elbows, thyroid, CERF (eye) exam, and cardiac screening with an echo.

We choose complimentary dogs, both in appearance and pedigree, that are health tested. Because of this focus on quality, we breed only occasionally. If we do not have a current litter or you are interested in a quality Great Dane of another color, we are happy to refer you to other high quality breeders who may have puppies available.

Our dogs are treasured members of the family, and any puppies produced from our breedings are entitled to that same love and lifelong commitment. If interested in finding out more about Great Danes and sharing your home with one, please visit our links page for valuable information. We also encourage you to find a local dog show in your area to familiarize yourself further with the breed. 

We recommend Avidog - to Learn to Raise Great Dogs!

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